Why Roll Your Own?

It’s simple…YOU SAVE Big $$$ and get a higher quality smoke!


It’s a no brainer!

If you smoke a pack a day, you can save about $1,584 bucks a year by rolling your own cigarettes using ryocigs farm fresh tobacco leaves.  Guess there’s nothing more to say about that! And don’t worry, it’s super easy and you can roll that pack in less than three minutes! That's less than a single commercial break! 

RYOCIGS Vs. Big Tobacco

Unlike the big boys, farm fresh tobacco has no fillers or additives and we offer 2 additive free blends!
It’s sort of like describing ours compared to theirs, simple!

RYOCIGS.COM Offers Savings You Can Savor


RYOCIGS leaves are as close to the source as you can get. Our leaves come straight
from the farm just like the manufactures get it.
The only processing is the natural curing process, the separation of leaf from the main stem.  Straight from the farm to you for your smoking pleasure.

Big Tobacco Companys Offers High Prices and Low Quality 
The tobacco in manufactured cigarettes contains any number of the 599 added chemicals as well as
fillers so they can make you buy more and reduce the amount of high quality tobacco they use
in the cigarettes they sell you at more than three times the price of ours.

The Added Chemicals: Not all of the chemicals in your packaged cigarettes are there for taste enhancement. For example, a chemical very similar to rocket fuel helps keep the tip of the cigarette burning at an extremely hot temperature. This allows the nicotine in tobacco to turn into a vapor so your lungs can absorb it more easily. Rocket fuel, yuck! The complete list of chemicals added to your packaged cigarettes is too long to list, but you can look it up… nasty!


The Fillers: We bet you have never heard of re-constituted tobacco.  You probably thought you were just
smoking tobacco. We don’t blame you, makes sense. But re-constituted tobacco can be up to 30% of what you are getting
from the big guys.


If the name isn’t bad enough, check out how they make it:

· First, they gather up all the tobacco that fell off the machines or on the floor, they even use the tobacco dust and the
stripped stems. 

· This junk is chopped and mixed in a vat with fluid to remove soluble chemicals. 

· The fluid is then drained and put in another vat where chemicals are added so they can manipulate
nicotine absorption, alter the taste, etc. 

· Then the ground up stuff from the first vat is dried and formed into a “paper” and then they spray
the liquid and chemicals on the paper and dry it. 

· Then they have the audacity to cut the stuff up and put it in your cigarettes. 


Expanded tobacco: In addition to the tobacco “hot dog” that is re-constituted tobacco, many companies use
CO2, water or other processes to puff up the “good” tobacco they use so it fills your cigarettes with less tobacco. Man!
You would think at the prices they charge they could at least match our premium quality… Not a chance!

So what are you waiting for? Order now @ 

Taste the difference and love the savings!


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