Why You Should Smoke Natural Tobacco

A Message About Building The Perfect Cigarette From Our Master Tobacco Blender!

The mass produced manufacture cigarette contains much less actual tobacco than it did twenty years ago. The products available today contain an overabundance of flavoring, preservatives, humectant, accelerate and countless other chemicals designed to cover the blend component deficiencies and other flaws.
The Components:
Reconstituted tobacco is produced in different ways but amounts to creating a pulp out of stem and fine scrap by-products and making these into a sheet. Manufactures like this sheet product because of its exceptional drinking qualities. It has the ability to absorb and hold added flavoring and other chemicals.

1.   Expanded Stem Tobacco:
Expanded stem and expanded lamina, the wide part of the tobacco leaf, go through a process usually involving exposure to dry ice, CO 2 or other gases which cause the stem or lamina to expand much like popped popcorn.
2.  These by-products are blended with actual leaf components. Burley tobacco has the ability to absorb moisture and flavoring up to a level as high as 25% of its normal weight. It is superheated to enhance these flavor absorption properties, and then reintroduce back into the blend just prior to cutting. This mixture is then injected into a cigarette tube during the high speed manufacturing process.
The Rationale:

To understand the rationale behind the utilization of these additional ingredients, you need to comprehend the overall manufacture strategy of the cigarette manufacture.
Tobacco is an agricultural crop that is significantly affected by weather conditions, soil conditions and other growing condition factors. Changes in weather patterns during the growing and curing seasons affect the chemical makeup of the tobacco plant. These naturally occurring chemicals properties are what create the taste characterist of tobacco. By increasing the amount of by-products and chemicals, manufactures are able to reduce variations in the taste of their cigarettes. This reduces the amount of pure tobacco and increases the quantity of other items in the cigarette.
Cigarette manufactures want to produce consistent tasting products while stretching their raw material components to the fullest extent possible. Simply put, they want to maximize the volume of their input components in the cigarette tube, as opposed to using the natural tobacco mass required to assure consistent taste and the desired strength. They want to lower their cost of tobacco.  Cigarette manufacturers are always looking for tobacco by-products that have good filling power. Good filling power means the ability to support the structure of a cigarette tube using as little tobacco as possible.
The better the filling power of the input components, the more dead air space (DAS) is created.  There is a fine balance of DAS to maintain.  Too much DAS and the cigarette burns too hot and tastes very harsh.  Too little, and the cigarette is hard to draw on and may self extinguish due to the lack of oxygen.
The cigarette manufactures have achieved this DAS balance.  The result is that mass produced cigarettes burn about twice as fast as they did twenty years ago.  This means that consumers go through a pack of cigarettes about twice as fast as they did twenty years ago.  The manufactures hope that the consistency of their cigarettes along with their name brand recognition will attract and keep smokers using their cigarettes.
The undesired side effect of this is that the increased level of artificial flavourings and additives produces a denser level of side stream, or second hand smoke.  This smoke has a tendency to linger in the immediate area and on clothing for a longer period of time.  The increased level of flavourings also results in undesirable heavy residuals that coats the tongues of smokers.
Tobacco Leaves contains none of these additives, chemicals or flavourings that most manufacturers are using in their products. The ingredients list for our tobacco leaves is short:

  • Flue-cured Tobacco  
  • Burley Tobacco
  • Oriental Tobacco
  • Water and steam associated with the blending and cutting process      

In other words, it's just good tobacco! Compare this list with those listed by the major cigarette manufactures on their websites and note the difference! 

Strip tobacco should be kept in the sealed bag it came in when your not using it. You should store it in your refrigerator in the lettuce drawer. If you make a bunch of cigarettes, store your spares in the drawer along with your strip tobacco to keep them fresh. Only take out what you need for the day.

If your tobacco becomes too dry, you can moisten it by placing a small wet napkin with your tobacco or your strip tobacco in the sealed bag. This will bring the moisture content back to the strip tobacco and keep it fresh.
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